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indices, reports, decisions and comments of central banks, research data and much more – everything that characterizes the state of economies of leading countries of the world, is collected in the calendar of events from FXSTRETRET. Register and get access to the latest financial news and advanced services to find out more!

as analytical services are used in trading

Difficulties in choosing. The trader wanted to open a position on the Eurusd currency pair. But having studied the schedule of price movement, he could not decide what position It is worth opening – for the purchase or sale. Autochartist service. To make a balanced decision, the trader used the free online service Autochartist. The program automatically analyzed the graphs and determined the most likely trend movement. Predictable movement. On the graphic figure, the descending wedge pierced the resistance line. According to Autochartist, in the near future, price increases were possible. The trader invested funds by choosing the indicated direction. result. The price really continued Movement up, and the trader got a profit. With the help of an analytical service, they made the right decision in trade on Forex.

be aware of all the news of financial markets

The calendar of events and news from the FXStreet

daily in the world, there are many events that affect currency courses. To miss anything, use the economic calendar and read the most relevant news from FXSTRET.

Availability – 17 Languages ​​Caliness – 50 countries

Trading signals from Autochartist

The Autochartist program automatically defines the figures on the graphs, key prices of prices, offers the most likely trend.

Forecast accuracy – 80%experience in financial markets – 13 years of trading signals – 400,000 per month

Special analytical services

you can configure the calendar for your preferences and then do not miss the release of important news for you.

Holiday schedule. Consider the dates of national holidays to be able to predict The volatility of the markets and know when the currencies are not traded. percent rates. Follow the reviews of the interest rates of national currencies of central banks to avoid working in a market with high volatility. indicators. Learn about the main market indicators, the frequency of their exit and the degree of influence in order to predict the movement of national currencies.

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