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Autochartist is a financial market analytics company that uses a huge database and patented technology to help investors make more decisions when making transactions. Since its inception in 2004, Autochartist has become the world leader in the field of automatic generation of financial content and analytics of the execution of transactions for many leading forex companies on shares, currencies, futures and CFDs around the world.

Thanks to extensive partnership with forex companies, We serve millions of customers in more than 100 countries of the world and proud of our commitment to the quality of service and constant leadership in the market by developing innovative new products and services.

MT5 Plugin

The Autochartism plugin is easy to integrate with the MT5 platform, providing you with the possibility of continuous analysis of the market on one schedule and the ability to make transactions directly in MT5. Install the MT5 plugin and get a simple interface with all AUTOCHARTIST functions adapted to your Investment environment. The MT5 plugin cannot be installed on Mac or Linux. Please download the plug-in instructions on these devices.

For more information, see the MT5 plug-in installation manual or see how to use the Autochartist plugin.

Features Autochartist

Graphic patterns (figures). Receive automatic notifications about the formation of graphic patterns (figures) to see possible options for the development of a market situation – this will help you make weighted investment solutions. Fibonacci patterns. Focus your attention at support and resistance levels using Fibonacci patterns. Analysis of volatility. Optimize your stop loss and taking profits, rate risks and get statistical information about price volatility for Forex and CFD tools.

How to use AutoChartist

Web application Autochartist directly in your browser analyzes graphics and patterns to help you determine the best investment opportunities. Just log in to your client office and access the AUTOCHARTIST Web application.

For more information, see Introduction to the Web Application or read the Autochartist Quick Start Guide.

Visit Autochartist Trading Community and access a large number of information materials and video instructions to explore Autochartist as soon as possible.

Advantages of AutoChartist

Saving time. Focus on investing and allow autochartist to analyze Markets and identify key patterns / figures for you. Outdoor scanning. Get notifications of opportunities as they appear during the day. Alerts. Get automatic audio and visual alerts about new market opportunities forecast. Browse the predictive ranges on patterns / figures, indicating the price levels you are expected. Custom search. Focus on investing and allow Autochartist to analyze markets and identify key paternes / figures for you. Training Materials. Get notifications of opportunities as they appear during the day. Running with MT5. Get automatic audio and visual alerts about new market opportunities. Use only one screen is not needed in multiple windows, all investment features are available on one screen.

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