Automatic Advisors: Opportunities, Comparison

Exchange Trading Now it has become much more affordable than it was 10 years ago: Everyone can start trading in various assets. At the same time, not even having experience in investments, drawing up strategies and investment portfolios, it is quite possible to count on profits, especially if relying on an automatic adviser.

What is it?

Automatic Advisor of the Investor, He is the same Robo-Advisor or Robo-Edweizer is a special brokerage service designed primarily For beginners and inexperienced traders. Robo-Edvizers have many large brokers and banks offering brokerage services. They wear different names, but they work approximately one principle:

At the beginning, the user offers a short questionnaire: the planned amount of investments, experience, readiness to risk, investment time, main goals; The data obtained is analyzed using the built-in algorithm; Robo-Advisor issues a series of recommendations: several investment portfolios and possible time. Briefcases It can be formed from various tools: from “classic” shares and bonds to ETF funds and mutual effects.

Some advisors offer not only the portfolio, but also take the embodiment of the strategy chosen by the user. Simply put, such services not only analyze the data obtained, but also automatically buy / sell assets in accordance with the specified conditions.

In fact, the automatic investor advisors are an alternative to “human” services: trading signals and trust Management in which the main work on the analysis of the market or timely purchase and sale of assets take on the attracted experienced traders. They can show big “efficiency”, but their services will cost more than the use of Robo-Edweizer.

Robo-Advisor – Just2Trade

Assistant Robot, which does not just allow to invest in currency, but also selects assets from the largest and most profitable exchanges of Europe and the United States. The adviser is also distinguished by a detailed approach to the starting data collection: you need not only to specify The purpose of the investment and the amount, but also a number of other parameters, including attitude towards risks and a tendency to actions in critical situations. Based on data analysis, the conditional profitability, risk profile is calculated and the investment portfolio is drawn up from various assets from different world markets. The state of the portfolio and the operations made can be monitored in real time.

The minimum amount is $ 500, but taking into account the fact that trade is in the largest foreign markets, fewer amounts are simply inappropriate. You can remove the received funds at any time. The commission for the work of the assistant is missing, only a fixed amount of $ 4.99 for a portfolio is paid.

Main advantages: In-depth collection of source data, access to world markets, income in foreign currency.

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