Britain doesn’t want to continue negotiations with the EU on Brexit

The British authorities do not intend to continue sending to Brussels more and more options for the draft Brexit deal. They are not set for further negotiations with the European Union. This was reported to The Spectator magazine by knowledgeable sources. In such a situation, they say, there is no point in asking for any delay. London will not put forward new proposals. Two options for further development of events have been named: the exit will take place without a deal until October 31 or after the elections are held in the country. Sources suggested that Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was not in the mood for dialogue. The UK government expects to conclude negotiations with the European Union as early as this week. Sources said they did not expect that, given Ireland's reluctance to engage in dialogue, German Chancellor Angela Merkel would facilitate Brexit negotiations. The sources also pointed to the possibility of serious damage to security and defence cooperation if the EU attempts to keep the UK against the will of the British government.