British pound under pressure due to uncertainty around Brexit – Forex

The UK's national currency is falling amid rising uncertainty surrounding Brexit. The situation is contradictory. Boris Johnson insists that the country should leave the EU as planned, i.e. October 31. He also states that there is a chance of a deal with Brussels. At the same time, the issue of insurance plan should be excluded from the agreement. However, the European Union constantly confirms its position on the agreement. He has no intention of changing anything about it. A hearing of the UK Supreme Court will be held this week. It will consider an appeal from the British government. Earlier, a court in Edinburgh ruled that the suspension of the British Parliament was illegal. Boris Johnson has decided to close the parliament for a period of time until October 14. The queen endorsed his initiative. Many experts believe that the situation with Brexit has reached an impasse. It is difficult to predict the way out of it. Traders fear the risks associated with Brexit.