Development of market movement scenarios

before the start of the trading session, we all traders and investors ask the same question – where will the market go? This question is very difficult to answer. But taking into account the experience of analyzing the market situation and the study of advanced market indicators, we can get a short -term forecast about the upcoming market movement.

now you have the opportunity to trace how the forecast for the current trading session receives assets by Nikolai Solabuto and conduct an analysis of the pre -displaying indicators of the commodity, currency and stock markets. You can actively adapt to the current market situation together with an experienced mentor. This will help to make the right trading decision at a decisive moment.

At the webinar, the founder of the Training School – Nikolai Solabuto:

will analyze the S&P and MoEx indices, oil futures and ruble courses; Will voice all scenarios of the development of events in these markets during the opening and for the first half of the trading session; Will lay out scenarios by their probability of implementation; Will give its vision by news background.

after the webinar, join the direct broadcast of the “morning briefing” where we will continue to analyze specific securities after opening the market. Let’s talk about their motion potential and discuss the scenarios of the development of events in the future.

Date: 28 April 2022 at 09:30

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