Dollar short-term rose on record inflation

The $

rose sharply, and stock assets and cryptocurrencies fell after the release of inflation data in the United States, which has updated records in 40 years. The yield of reference 10-year-old Trezeris rose to new maxima in 2.5 years higher than 1.99%. The data released will enhance rates in March at once to 50 basis items.

Consumer price index (CPI) in the United States grew by 0.6% m / m in January, exceeding the forecasts (+ 0.4%). In annual terms, the indicator increased by 7.5%, also exceeding the growth of growth by 7.3%. Consumer basic index Currents without taking into account food and energy carriers in January grew by 0.6% against the forecast + 0.4%. In annual terms, basic inflation increased by 6%, exceeding the forecasts (+ 5.9%).

The greatest contribution to the rise in prices in January, an increase in food products, electricity and housing was introduced, the United States Labor Statistics Bureau. The growth of the base index CPI influenced the rise in prices for housing and used passenger cars and trucks. However, the increase has a wide foundation, and almost all index components Show growth over the past 12 months.

“Inflation growth above expectations and new signs of rooting the inflation trend are able to strengthen the purchase of dollar, since the markets will be put on a higher rate of raising rates at once by 50 points in March. And it promises to become a bad news for stock markets,” notes FXPRO analysts command.

Update: After the initial cock, the dollar turned to a decrease along with the growth of stock indexes after the opening of trading in the stock market in the United States.

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