Economic statistics for Banker 30.09-04.10 – Forex

MaxiMarkets has prepared fresh economic statistics for the current week from 30.09 to 4.10. Introducing a detailed analysis of upcoming events for users



Japan presents an analysis of production in terms of production, and sales in retail. Experts from the Japanese Bank are ready to predict the economic situation. The National Bank will tell about the results of the work, and the Reserve Bank, in turn, will tell about the index of business optimism. China is preparing to show data on business activity in production. The service market is ready to report on business activity, PMI Caixin will talk about industry.

The Germans will show data on retail sales, the number of unemployed and the price policy of the consumer market. Switzerland is preparing the KOF index of indicators. The United Kingdom will talk about the overall growth of the economy for the second quarter, consumer credit and the amount of financial investments. The EU will report unemployment.

Price policy data is expected with the Canadian industry. The U.S. will present the Chicago PMI, information about business activity among industrialists of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.



The Australian government will present to the public the aig manufacturing sentiment index as well as the PMI for the processing sector and building permit information. The federal reserve of the country during the council will put forward its verdict on the percentages and the report on the results of the meeting. A representative of the Bank will also appear with a report.

Japan will provide jobless data, projected business volume simens of industrial giants, and Tankan is preparing its index of business activity in the service sector.

British Nationwide will present the price level for the real estate market, Switzerland prepares data on the number of retail trades. In the major cities of the EU – Germany, France, Britain, Sweden, Italy and Spain – will present data on the business activity of the manufacturing sector. Plus, approximate price figures for consumers this month are being prepared.

Canada will provide information on the level of the economy and the PMI on business activity for production as of this month. The U.S. will publish a retail sales index from Redbook, and ISM indices of business activity and acceleration of inflation. Federal reserve staff Michelle Buman, James Bullard and Richard Clarida prepare reports. The Oil Institute of the United States will report on savings on oil raw materials.



The Japanese are preparing a report on the consumer sentiment index. Switzerland, in turn, will present the consumer price index. The British construction industry will report on business activity information.

American ADP presents preliminary data on the percentage of private sector employment, ISM New York will publish an index of business conditions. John Williams and Charles Evans of the Bank of Chicago are preparing to give their reports.



Australian company AiG prepares data on the situation in the service sector. Commonwealth Bank prepares data on service sector PMI, current exports, imports and market balance. Japan will analyze information on the volume of investments in securities, both from national and foreign market participants. THE New ealand Company will report on commodity prices. Jakitoshi Funo, an employee of the Japanese Central Bank, prepares for the presentation of the data.

Data on the business activity of the services sector should be expected from the EU, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Russia. To top it off, Europeans will publish information about the index of productive prices and sales at retail. A report by the representative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Britain, Silvana Tenreiro, is expected at the end of the day.

Americans will inform about the number of first and second applications from the unemployed for the grant of benefits, and ISM will present an index of business activity of the service sector and a report on orders for production. Information on U.S. oil reserves will come from the Energy Information Administration. Federal Reserve official Richard Clarida prepares to report.



Australia will share information on retail sales.

The United States will present a September report on the labor market, the situation with the unemployed, the amount of average wages, as well as the organization of new jobs. Federal Reserve Bank Commissioner Eric Rosengren will report on the work, and FR President Jerome Powell is also expected to speak. Canada will report on imports and exports, market balance and the Business Index from Ivey. American Baker Hughes will talk about the data on drilling rigs.