EU countries must make decision on Brexit postponement on Friday – Forex

European Union leaders are set to decide on Friday to delay Brexit. The BBC reports. Most of them support the postponement of the date of the UK's exit from the EU. Only France takes a special position. Discussions are underway about the duration of the postponement. The most popular and likely option is three months. However, other deadlines are being considered. An emergency EU summit could be held on Monday. At which a final decision is expected. At the same time, some informed sources report that the British government does not want to postpone the date of Brexit. It is preparing for the country's exit from the EU on October 31 under a "hard" scenario. However, not everyone in the UK Cabinet is so determined. Some ministers see Brexit without a deal impractical. They recommend that Boris Johnson make another attempt to ratify the draft agreement with Brussels in the country's parliament.