EU launches process to ratify Brexit agreement – Forex

After the UK Parliament failed to make a decision on Brexit at the end of last week, ordering Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask Brussels for a postponement, there was no objection in the European Union to granting a reprieve until On Feb. In doing so, the UK could be given the opportunity to leave the EU earlier than that if the deal is approved by the UK Parliament. European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said the ratification process agreed by negotiators from both sides of the Brexit agreement to EU countries was launched. It is noted that 24 EU countries received all the necessary information from Michel Barnier, who is responsible from the EU for negotiations. Although the EU has received a letter from Johnson asking for a postponement of the country's exit from the EU, the ratification procedure must be followed. To ratify the agreement by the European Parliament, its plenary session is scheduled for this week.