Exchange Asia: We stay in the plus

pair USD/JPY updated the new twenty -year -old maximums and took about 133.48. This does not cancel the local growth target of 135.00. AUD/USD pair slides to 0.7139 as part of consolidation inside a wide range. In the Friday macroeconomic calendar in Asia, China and a little Japan

of the new lending in China in May appear in Asia; Money mass M2 in China; Production price index in China in May. The prognosis involves inflation growth of up to 2.2% g/g against 2.1% a month earlier. It’s okay, but the dynamics should be traced; Index manufacturers in China in May. The indicator is expected to cool up to 6.5% g/g despite that in April the indicator grew by 8.0% g/g. The downturn of the voltage in this case is good news; Production price index in Japan in May. The indicator could slow down the growth rate and decrease to 9.9% g/g after acceleration to 10% in April. There are no illusions that production inflation in Japan is unstable.

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