Falling Apple shares – how to make money for investors?

The September announcement of apple’s new products did not go as smoothly as the company’s investors expected. Already during the presentation, the securities of the world corporation tended to decline. Apple shares then fell more than 6%, according to Nasdaq trading data.

After a wave of decline in iPhone sales in China, the tech giant’s share price continued to fall. From July to September, Apple’s revenue slumped in China by nearly 30% compared to the same period in 2019. During trading on October 29, the stock fell 4.2%, leading to an $83 billion drop in market capitalization. Despite this, Apple still managed to increase total sales by 1.03% (to $64.7 billion) in the full quarter. This result exceeded analysts’ forecasts. The lack of iPhone sales in China has been offset by sales of Macs and iPads.

Further analyst forecasts are quite positive: Apple shares are expected to grow by 6.06% over the year horizon.

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