Fed USA may raise rates on February 14

The Federal Reserve System (Fed) US announced an unscheduled meeting on Monday. The regulator may urgently increase the bets to combat rapid inflation. The closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Fed will be held in an accelerated manner on Monday, at 19:30 Moscow time, Fedrev reported on Friday on his website. The regulator will consider the advance and discount rates charged by federal reserve banks.

Fed will hold an unscheduled meeting on February 14, after statistics for January showed Accelerating inflation in the world’s largest economy to a new 40-year-old record, writes Finanz.

In January, the consumer price index in the United States grew by 7.5% in annual terms. Inflation accelerated the 20th month in a row and in 9 out of the 11th last months exceeded forecasts. FDC futures lay the 89% probability of raising rates in March at once on 50 basis points instead of a standard 25 bp.

Goldman Sachs expects the Fedrev to raise a bet 7 times this year, that is, at each meeting. Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Nomura predict an increase of 50 bp. in March. The market

rumors crawling that the Fed can go on an emergency rates on Monday to curb the emerging from under control inflation. For all canons, the American currency should grow, but this does not occur due to the aggressive bull positioning of large speculators in dollar futures, Profinance writes. According to CFTC, in the last month it declined somewhat, but still remains in the field of two-year highs, which does not allow the dollar to grow. Raising The rates will wrap the economy of the United States, but will end all hyperinflation and depression, the founder of the SHADOWSTATS alternative statistics site is Economist John Williams. It is estimated that real inflation in the US is now almost 15%.

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