Germany intends to make efforts to implement Brexit

Angela Merkel said that the German government is ready to make the necessary efforts to avoid the implementation of the negative scenario of Brexit, that is, without an agreement with the European Union. She expressed confidence that an orderly Brexit was still possible and Germany would strive to resolve the issue until the last day. At the same time, Merkel noted that the main economy of the EU is ready for a negative development of events – Brexit without a deal. On Monday, Britain's queen approved a law that had previously been passed by Parliament. It does not allow Prime Minister Boris Johnson to withdraw the country from the European Union without a corresponding agreement with Brussels. Now, if the deal is not finalized in the near future, Boris Johnson will have to postpone Brexit to another date. We are talking about January 31 next year. Johnson's promise to organize the country's exit from the European Union on October 31 will now be difficult to fulfill.