Global markets fall due to new coronavirus problems

Global stock markets on Tuesday look sad due to new concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. US indices fell 0.9% yesterday due to problems reviving the global economy due to news from the UK, where a new strain of coronavirus has been identified, which may be more contagious than usual. As a result, new restrictions are in place, and many countries have announced the suspension of air services with the UK. However, the larger decline in U.S. indices has been halted by the fact that the U.S. Congress has reached an agreement on a $900 billion aid package for the country’s economy, and President-elect Joe Biden has said the bill is not enough, and it’s just a “good start.”

Asian stock markets on Tuesday also showed negative momentum, losing up to 1%. Over the weekend, South Korea set another anti-record rate for the number of cases of coronavirus infection – nearly 1.1 thousand cases per day. The country has also once again played down quarantine restrictions.

European markets continue to decline, losing more than 2%, on the fear of market participants that a new strain of coronavirus from the UK has already penetrated Into Europe and that countries that have not yet put in place a blockade will be forced to tighten restrictions. This, in turn, will seriously damage the region’s economy.

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