Gold: First level in case of growth – $ 1818


gold course in the middle of the week dropped to a mark of $ 1789 per ounce, after turned to the levels of the European session. The first level in the case of confident growth is the area of ​​1818 dollars per ounce. The US Stock Market has completed the maintenance of the medium in multidirectionally due to strengthening the health care sectors, utilities and raw materials. The market shows weakness against the background of negative dynamics from telecommunications, oil and technology. This time gold turned out to be weaker than liquid securities.

at the time of closing On the New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones grew by 0.25%, reaching a historical maximum, the S & P 500 index rose 0.14%

investors are followed by the influence of Oomikron on the restoration of the economy. According to the media, the United Kingdom will not tighten restrictive measures until the end of the year, despite the increase in the number of cases of diseases. France will continue to tighten measures to combat COVID-19, but will not enter the curfew on the eve of the New Year. The United States has reduced the recommended time in self-insulation for infected Americans from 10 to 5 days.

Movementary positive signals for investors. The People’s Bank of China confirmed that the exchange rate of Yuan in 2022 will be more flexible and as a whole will remain stable at a reasonable and balanced level. The central bank added that it will ensure the increase in the overall loan in 2022.


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