Gold is the best risk tool

at all times gold has always been valued. People have always bought this precious metal: someone in order to preserve their savings, someone to resell, the third in order to inherit, etc. As soon as the financial markets appeared, Dragmetal immediately took its place there, mainly as an asset. So it was hundreds of years ago, so it is now. The slightest cataclysm, an outbreak of an epidemic or a global political crisis – a trader runs into gold.

protective assets and why do they need

protective assets – these are Tools that economic and political upheavals do not greatly affect. If their price changes, then this happens smoothly. At the same time, their liquidity is preserved – shelter assets can always be bought or sold, regardless of the mood of the market. A striking example of such assets is gold and silver.

protective assets are an anti -crisis tool, a risk hedging tool. During global crises, when shares and indices are reduced, and the currencies of many countries are devalued, it is difficult to predict, Where are certain assets will go. In this troubled time, you can only be confident in gold.

that affects the cost of gold

, considering the factors that affect the quotes of precious metalla, it may seem that this asset is the most “contradictory”. On the one hand, consumer and industrial demand, which often directly depends on the state of the global economy: if it grows, then the well -being of countries or individual regions increases, and as a result, the demand for metal and, accordingly, its price. On the other hand, there is a speculative moment: the economy is “blown away”, a crisis comes – world investors leave risky assets and buy gold, thus increases the demand and cost of precious metalla. To date, the Covid-19 pandemic and low raw materials have provoked rising gold prices. According to experts, the increase in the value of the gold asset is fully justified. The cost of precious metalla is also influenced by the ultramaton monetary policy of Federal Reserve and other central banks. It is expected that in the near future the world regulators will strengthen a policy aimed at stimulating the economy paralyzed due to coronavirus, and this, in turn, will contribute to a further increase in precious metals. By the way, friction between the United States and China will help the growth of metal, which, it seems, will never end. We remember that in November, the US presidential elections in the United States, which means an increase in political uncertainty in this country, which also becomes a factor in the growth of this asset.

is it worth buying Gold now?

Analysts believe that even despite the record growth of yellow metal quotes, it still makes sense to invest part of the funds in it. However, it is worth noting that with all the interest of investors to gold, it is now difficult to predict the future level of quotations.

Nevertheless, the largest banks and analytical agencies expect in the next 15 months the growth of metal towards the zone $ 2500- $ 2700. We recommend that you wait for a good reduction in metal, by the way, it just is happening now, and then buy his.

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