Gold is traded with a predominant decline

Gold tries to turn around against correction. However, bargains are more speculative. For January, market participants bought a protective asset against the background of an excessive level of inflation, and the risks of the risks of the incidence of the omikron virus. The US stock market has completed Thursday auction auction against the background of negative dynamics from consumer goods, finance and technology sectors. At the time of closing on the New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones fell by 0.02%, reaching a monthly minimum, index S & P 500 fell by 0.54%.

News background contributes to a decrease in banking metals, since there are anxiety signals from the United States. The size of the foreign trade in the US goods in December and in just 2021 increased by 3% to $ 101 billion compared with the revised $ 98 billion in November, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The indicator reached maximum values ​​from the beginning of the calculations in 1955.

According to media analysts, an average of an average predicted a decline to $ 94 billion. Import of goods in December Grew by 2% in the monthly expression, amounting to $ 258.26 billion. Including the purchase of cars (by 8.4%) and consumer goods (by 7.6%).


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