Gold strengthened before January price levels

was formed a weekly ascending trend. The focus of the trade range is 1830 – 1809 dollars per ounce. In the event of a fixation of profits from the market participants, the bank metal can be adjusted to support at the level of $ 1809 per ounce. The US stock market has completed Monday’s bid in multidirectional due to strengthening the oil, gas, finance and consumer services sectors. The market is under pressure from the Sectors of Technologies, raw materials and telecommunications. At the time of closing on the New York Stock The Dow Jones Exchange went up by 0.00%, the S & P 500 index fell by 0.37%. Gold this time was kept in a positive way.

Incidental news signals create confidence for investors. According to the media, inflation in China will remain moderate in 2022, if the tightening policy of the world central banks will slow down the rise in commodity prices, noted in the State Development and Reform Committee (NDRC) of the PRC.

NDRC expects to reduce inflation risks in the country this year, noting that the negative consequences of COVID-19, as well as The problem of the global shortage of certain types of goods is weakened. In December, consumer prices in China rose by 1.5% in annual terms, producer prices – by 10.3%.


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