Gold strengthened in the range of $ 1791-1809

Technically, a signal in favor of further growth was formed in the gold market. Available from the downstream channel last week. The first level in the case of confident shopping is the levels of last week in the area of ​​$ 1820 per ounce. The US stock market has completed Monday’s bid in growth by strengthening the technology, consumer goods and consumer services sectors. At the time of closing on the New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones rose by 1.17%, the S & P 500 index rose by 1.89%. Gold this time followed by liquid US stocks.

In January, global stock indices suffered greatly: the DAX index, for example, fell by more than 3.5%, since investors were worried about raising the rate by the Federal Reserve to combat growing inflation.

According to the Economic Institute of IFO, there were more positive moods on Monday, which contributed to the elimination of production problems for German companies in January. According to IFO, the number of German manufacturers who reported problems with intermediate procurement Products and raw materials decreased from 81.9% in December to 67.3% in January.


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