Gold strengthened to $ 1830 per ounce

It can be seen that the bank metal is overbought. The first level in the case of confident sales is the area of ​​$ 1809 per ounce. The US Stock Market has completed trading of the medium growth by strengthening the technology, raw materials and telecommunications sectors. At the time of closing on the New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones grew by 0.86%, the S & P 500 index rose by 1.45%. This time gold showed stability against the background of the growth of the trade activity of American liquid stocks.

Gold prices were sedentible at the American session, since the decline in yield Treasury bonds of the United States on the eve of inflation data held investors in voltage.

It is logical to expect an expectant position to publish the consumer price index. At the same time, it is expected that high inflation rates will help strengthen gold positions as inflation hedge tool.


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