Goldman Sachs lowered the forecast on the S & P 500 index

According to a new forecast of Goldman Sachs Bank, the S & P 500 index for 2022 will decrease by about 1% due to the increase in commodity prices and the weakening of world economic growth against the background of the conflict in Ukraine. Goldman economists reduced their target in the wide market index at the end of the year to 4,700 points with 4900.

Previous forecast suggested the growth of the indicator by 3% per year. The new goal of Goldman nevertheless means the growth of S & P 500 by almost 12% compared with the current levels.

S & P 500 wide market index grew by 27% in the past The year and by 16.3% in 2020, commodity and energy prices took off in recent weeks, aggravating inflationary pressure on world companies. Goldman also reduced the forecast for profits per share of the S & P 500 companies in 2022 to $ 221 from $ 226.

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