How to start earning in financial markets with Libertex

Assets change every day – this makes it possible to buy and sell shares, gold, currency, indices and energy resources with benefits for yourself. You can earn in two directions: on the growth of their value and on the fall.

Buy cheaper and sell more than

Rules for everyone are the same: buy cheaper, sell more expensive. Or vice versa, sell expensive, but buy cheaply. For example, to earn on an increase in shares, you buy them, say, $ 17 per share, and after a while, when their price reaches 30 dollars apiece – sell. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price is your profit.

Learn to make money without leaving home

Demo account is a unique opportunity to learn how to earn money in financial markets without risk and own investments: $ 50,000 virtual funds are already credited to the account for educational trade. Register a demo account right now and get a link to a free online seminar-study without leaving your home!

at least investments

to start trade is not necessary have a large starting capital. Any person can use the credit shoulder and trade large amounts, even if it actually does not have them in hand. For example, you can buy shares for $ 20,000 by investing only $ 200 in the purchase.

Where to start

in financial markets, about 75 million people sell. Their experience shows that you can increase your capital from 0 to 8000%. The main thing is to approach the issue systematically.

to begin with a trading platform – this is a connection with the market. It allows:

Get the necessary knowledge of current assets (quotes); conclude transactions for the purchase and sale of assets via the Internet; Use useful analytical services to build accurate forecasts.

Libertex platform gives access to all trading tools from one interface. And the main rule – to buy cheaper, and selling more – applies to any of them.

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