Inflation in Germany slowed to 1.2% in September – Forex

The final data of the German statistical office confirmed the slowdown in the growth rate of consumer prices in September in relation to the same month of 2018 to 1.2% from the August value of 1.4%. Germany has not seen such a low value since February last year. Then prices rose in the country by 1.1%. Energy stocks fell 1.1 percent. Excluding this category of goods, the September price increase was 1.4%. Product products rose by 1.3% in Germany. The calculation of the inflation rate in monthly terms showed the lack of dynamics. The consumer price index in the European Union fell to 0.9% in the reporting month. Thus, the downward trend has continued for three consecutive months. In August, inflation in the EU was 1%. The indicator, which was calculated compared to August prices, shows that consumer prices in European countries decreased by 0.1%.