Libertex: Change in stocks of shares

note your attention that from 05.07 in the Libertex platform, trade conditions for shares trading will be changed. For all positions opened after 01:00 GMT 05.07.2022, the maximum multiplier will be 1 to 5. For the shares below, the maximum multiplier will be 1 to 10.

Apple Inc. (Aapl) Tesla Motors. Inc. (TSLA) Inc. (Amzn) Google Inc. (Goog) Facebook (FB) Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

for all shares, restrictions on setting the levels of stop loss and Take Profit

are removed the function of increasing the amount of the transaction from 01:00 GMT 05.07.2022 will be Available for positions with a multiplier of not more than 5, and no more than 10 for Aapl, TSLA, AmZN, Goog, FB, MSFT tools.

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