Market mood indicator from amarkets

Recently, Amarkets launched a powerful analytical tool “Trade Analyzer” and are already ready to please you with another update. Now all AMARKETS clients are available “Mood Indicator” – a tool reflecting Amarkets customer mood in real time.

The indicator analyzes the ratio of open positions of traders and signals the mood of the market (bullish, neutral, bearish). This information will help you determine the time to buy / sell a trading tool. According to statistics, advantage One of the parties is 70% or more talks about overbought or oversold asset, and in this case the market will move to where the proportion of traders is less.

Read more about the operation of the indicator you can read on our website. A more advanced version of the indicator with the ability to analyze historical data is available to all registered customers in the Personal Account in the “Services” section – Kaiman sentiment indicator. We are confident that the new tool will make your trading more profitable and more efficient!

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