Market volatility during the US-China technological war

The technological war between the United States and China 101,000 is once again entering an active phase. Top Chinese technology companies plan to launch a national substitution fund in the country by the end of 2020. Such measures are a response to US sanctions. The fund’s goal will be to support Chinese producers who have been negatively affected by Trump and his administration. 

Recent U.S. funds required suppliers to obtain a license to sell abroad. Even China’s largest chip maker, SMIC, had to obtain licensing data. This is a big blow to Chinese electronics and supplies, and now the country will be more dependent on other countries during the trade war. U.S. officials fear that the equipment that was sold to China could be used for military purposes against the United States, undermining China’s ability to be an autonomous country in the field of technology. Such measures could deter Chinese companies from developing them.

Over the next three months, the parties will continue to exchange blows. Of course, this confrontation will affect market volatility. First of all, it will affect the stock market. The reliable brokerage company Global Alliance offers stock trading of technology companies: Alibaba, Baidu, Nvidia, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation, Cisco Sys and dozens of other companies in the Chinese and U.S. markets.

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