Markets grow waiting for the successful combination of ohomikron

The global stock markets on Thursday will mainly go upstream in connection with the positive expectations of investors regarding the fight against the new Coronavirus virus “Omicron”. American indexes on the eve rose in the range of 0.6% on the optimization of vaccines from coronavirus. Previously, Pfizer stated that three doses of its vaccine were able to neutralize “Omicron”.

Asian exchanges on Thursday add to 1% of the main indexes following the US stock markets. Chinese statistics also supported – inflation in the country It turned out not so great as expected. The consumer price index (CPI) has increased by 2.3% in annual terms at the end of November, although the market was predicted to an increase in the indicator to 2.5% after 1.5% months earlier. At the same time, during the month, prices rose by 0.4% after height by 0.7% in October.

European markets fluctuate on Thursday, while the British Stock Index supports a decrease in the course of pound sterling to the dollar against the background of the assumptions about the potential tightening of quarantine in the UK due to the high level The incidence of COVID-19.

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