Moody’s warns of negative impact of Brexit uncertainty on UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's ability to secure parliamentary support for a Brexit deal paved the way for the ratification process and raised the possibility that Britain's exit would be streamlined. This was announced by the managing director of the agency Moody's credit strategy Colin Ellis. At the same time, the delay in this process, he said, remains uncertain about the timing and outcome of the exit. This situation will continue to keep the British economy under pressure, negatively affecting spending, investment and job creation. All this will have negative consequences for borrowers. Members of the House of Commons, having supported the Brexit agreement on Tuesday, at the same time did not agree to consider its ratification within three days. Delaying this process prevents the UK from leaving the EU with an agreement on October 31. Johnson now awaits the EU's decision to postpone Brexit. Before receiving a response from the EU, the prime minister suspended consideration of the law on ratification of the agreement in parliament.