Mosbirzha begins trading with a new futures in the yuan

since April 21, a calculated futures contract for a currency pair of Chinese Yuan/Russian ruble will be available on the Moscow Exchange. The difference between the new futures on the Yuan and the old is a decrease in 10 times a face value (up to 1000 yuan), an increased price step and its cost.

Trading code of the new contract – CNY Lot of the Contract – 1000 Chinese yuan minimal price step – 0.01 rubles the cost of a price step – 10 rubles

innovations are aimed at increasing the audience of the contract, as well as increasing its availability and convenience operations for all categories of investors, the exchange press release said. This is especially true in connection with the growth of operations with the Chinese Yuan in the foreign exchange market of the Moscow Exchange. In March, the turnover grew 8 times compared to February.

an increase in interest in operations with Yuan, as well as with other currencies of friendly countries, demonstrate all categories of bidders and their customers. In March, the turn of the lira/ruble has grown 13 times, the Belarusian ruble/Russian ruble – 10 times, tenge/ruble – 2 times.

total In the urgent market of the Mosbirzhi, 97 futures contracts and 47 options for them are now trading. The basic assets are indices, shares, currency pairs, real estate, interest rates, metals, oil, gas and other goods.

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