Oil is adjusted down after OPEC solutions

Oil price (April futures brand Brent) on Thursday February 3 to 16.50 GMT + 3 fell by 0.9% to $ 88.7 dollars per barrel Brent Barrel. Thus, oil quotes are adjusted down after recent testing of a psychologically significant level of 90 dollars. Strengthening the dollar on Forex maintains a decrease in oil quotes. The dollar index (the course to the Cart Carnation of the six countries – the main trading partners of the United States) is growing by 0.23%, to 96.15 points. Market participants also analyze estimates of hydrocarbon fuel dynamics last week.

Commercial oil reserves in the United States (excluding strategic reserve) last week fell by 1 million barrels (0.3%) to 415.1 million barrels, evaluates the country’s Ministry of Energy. Experts predicted an indicator of 1.5 million barrels. Gasoline reserves in the United States over the past week increased by 2.1 million barrels (0.9%), up to 250 million in the expectations of growth by 1.6 million barrels. Distillates reserves reduced by 2.4 million barrels (2.1%) and amounted to 122.7 million barrels in expectations of decline By 1.5 million barrels.

The production of oil refining in the United States dropped to 86.7% against 87.7% week earlier. The American strategic oil reserve fell by 1.9 million barrels (0.3%) to 588.9 million barrels, evaluates the Ministry of Energy. Oil reserves on the largest terminal in the country in Kushing during the reporting period decreased to 30.5 million from 31.7 million barrels.

Oil production in the United States last week decreased to the level of the previous week per 100 thousand barrels to 11.5 million barrels per day. Average Over the past 4 weeks, oil production in the United States amounted to 11.625 million barrels per day.

Meanwhile, OPEC countries + in March, as expected, will increase oil production planning – at 400 thousand barrels per day, the next meeting of the representatives of the Alliance is scheduled for March 2.

The National Petroleum Company Abu Dhabi (ADNOC) found gas reserves on Abu Dhabi shelf, previously estimated at 1.5-2 trillion standard cubic feet. ADNOC miners most of the oil in the UAE and has 6% of world oil reserves.

. The net profit of the English-Dutch Shell in 2021 amounted to 20,101 billion dollar against a net loss of 21.68 billion a year earlier. In terms of one ordinary share, the company’s profits amounted to $ 2.57 against a loss of $ 2.78 a year earlier. The total annual shell revenue increased by 45% to $ 261.504 billion. The company’s net profit for the fourth quarter of the reporting year amounted to 11.461 billion dollars against a loss of $ 4 billion a year earlier. Profit per share at the same time amounted to 1.48 dollars against a loss In 52 cents a year earlier. The overall revenue increased by 1.9 times, to 85.28 billion dollars. The average annual production amounted to 3,237 million barrels of the oil equivalent per day (a decrease of 4% in annual terms), a quarterly – 3,142 million barrels of the oil equivalent per day (an increase of 2%).


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