Oil will wait for news

ahead will be news that will have to be reacted to, but so far everything is calm. Brent Brent balances about $ 113. On the upcoming Thursday, June 30, the OPEC+ member countries will gather for a meeting to coordinate the production parameters for the next month. It’s about August. Probably the previously indicated consensus for oil production with an increase in production by 648 thousand barrels per day will remain relevant.

can already say that the production parameters at the OPEC+ level are maximum. Additional mechanisms to There is no cartel, since there are no free capacity.

statistics from Baker Hughes showed that the number of oil drilling in the United States increased by 10 pcs over a week. Up to 592 units, in Canada remained at the mark of 104 pcs. Technically, Brent oil implemented a correction wave by 110.00 and returned to 113.20. So far, the lateral range of oscillations is concluded within this framework. As soon as the market gets tired of consolidation, it is likely to go up with growth potential to 115.50. If the lower boundary of the side range is broken, it will open The road to 105.00.

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