OPEC cheered everyone

The main attention today is focused on the meeting of OPEC+, the week begins dynamically. This is the surprise: the OPEC+ monitoring committee recommended that the Alliance return to the production parameters that were observed in August, that is, to reduce production by 100 thousand barrels per day. The comments mention that the increase previously was one -time, the initiative did not cause objections.

Brent barrels against this background growing to $ 96.40 and can rise additionally. Resistance costs $ 96.75, when it is implemented, it will open The road to $ 97.20. In the case of consolidation around $ 96.50 and the passage below, the price will return to $ 92-93.

, an additional trigger to increase black gold is an informational vacuum regarding a nuclear transaction between the United States and Iran. About two weeks have passed since the market received any objective news in this regard. Then there were rumors who were difficult to trust, and then the topic completely faded into the background. Without the likelihood of OPEC+ Iranian oil, the appearance of Iranian oil is unlikely to be valid In matters, production reduction is more dynamic.

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