Rates on mortgage lending in the U.S. have grown strongly

American mortgage corporation Freddie Mac reported a significant weekly increase in mortgage rates. Thus, the average size of the mortgage rate for 30 years increased from 3.57% to 3.69%. And the mortgage rate for 15 years increased from 3.05% to 3.15%. A year earlier, these interest rates were at 4.85% and 4.26% respectively. The dynamics of mortgage rates in the United States, as a rule, corresponds to the change in the yield of U.S. government bonds. During the week it rose from 1.732% to 1.756%. Freddie Mac mortgage spokesman Sam Hater said the rate hike had not had a negative impact on the country's residential property market. It continues to show growth. This was made possible by an increase in construction and sales. There are divergent trends in the American economy. The manufacturing sector is shrinking. Uncertainty is growing in trade. At the same time, employment remains at a high level. Developers look to the future with optimism.