RTS index reached 1400 points

on the eve of the trading dynamics was multidirectional. The RTS index for the first time from February 21 returned to the mark of 1400 points. In reports of possible interruptions in food supplies in certain states, they continued to raise the shares of fertilizers of Acron (AKRN 17 800, +2.30%) and fosagro (Phor 7 802, +0.41%). News about the EU planned EU on the import of precious metals from the Russian Federation led to the correction of Polymetal papers (Poly 457, -3.36%). The USD/RUB pair for the first time since 2015 fell into the range of 52.80-54.00.

market news and companies

V The spotlight of oil. Energy quotes collapsed sharply after reports on the possible cancellation of gasoline tax in the United States, which today accounts for about 3% of its cost. At the same time, there is no direct connection with this news, and, in our opinion, it is played too abruptly. Today, data on hydrocarbon and oil products in the United States will be published, which traditionally affects oil prices. We believe that in the medium term they will significantly increase from current levels, and this will support Oil and gas sector quotes. But in the near future these shares will be among outsiders.

Trade ideas

St. Petersburg Exchange (SPBE 178, -6.32%), spect. purchase. Trading by Chinese securities with primary listing on the Hong Kong Exchange began. In the future, their number will increase to 1000. A significant decrease in quotations creates a good point for entering a middle -term position. Novatek (NVTK 1 026, +8.13%), spect. Buying, Purpose: 1600 rubles. Investors begin to play a deficit of gas in Europe against the background of a sharp reduction in supplies for The northern stream and accident at the LNG production plant in the United States. Ozon (Ozon 842, -2.99%), specter purchase, goal: 2000 rub. The number of orders according to the results of the current year can increase by more than 40%, the share of the company in the electronic trade market will exceed 10%. Reducing quotations creates a good point of entry by an average term.

We predict the continuation of mixed dynamics. Landmark for the Moscow Exchange index: Range 2350-2400 p. The USD/RUB pair can be bounced into the range 55-56.

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