S & P 500 and Dow Jones updated their highs

Pre-New Year rally took place! “Bulls” lead in the US market. All index drawders during the year immediately redeemed, and various negative news, ultimately, did not have a significant impact on the stock market. A sharp change of the Fed Monetary Policy Change and the new Omicron-strain of Coronavirus were ignored by market participants.

Indices were able to update their maximum values ​​once again, but the closure took place on a neutral note.

Index values:

NASDAQ COMPOSITE: 15766 (-0.10%) S & P 500: 4793 p. (+ 0.14%) Dow Jones: 36488 p. (+0.25%)

at the CFD Premark to the S & P index consolidates. The overall activity is reduced, it is worth expecting movement within the framework of the range of 4780-4810 p. (Presented a CFD graph on SPX_500 from MT4).

On the eve of the New Year, significant statistics are absent. Economic activity is reduced.

Corporate segment:

TESLA INC. decreased by 0.2%. The head of Ilon Mask again sold the next part of its shares on this Tuesday total $ 1 billion. You can bring Some outcome. Ilon Mask – man words. He sold the shares of his company promised them in Twitter to pay taxes in the amount of 10%.

Acts of airlines continue to be cheaper. Against the background of the abolition of flights due to adverse weather conditions and the speed of the propagation of a new strain of coronavirus. Alaska Air Group Inc. Adjusted 1.4%, the value of the shares of American Airlines Group Inc. decreased by 2.6%.

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