Speak cryptocurrencies with NPBFX: Safe, 0% commission

Cryptocurrency market declared itself in 2009. After more than 10 years, he, contrary to the forecasts of numerous skeptics, did not burst, like a soap bubble, but was scaled to incredible sizes. What’s the secret? The main reason for success is superposition, which is difficult to achieve in other traditional markets. However, if we are talking about big money, then the issue of safety and risks is acute. Today we will introduce a proven broker with whom you can trade cryptocurrency on safe and favorable conditions.

NPBFX – a cryptorrhiner with 26 years of experience in financial markets

NPBFX company is rightfully considered an old -timer of financial markets, as it has been providing services since 1996. It should be noted that until 2016, customers were served by a large Russian bank Nefteprombank. Six years ago, a restructuring occurred and a new brand was launched – NPBFX (NEFTEPROMBANKFX). All current FX clients were transferred to a new company. To date, the NPBFX broker provides services to customers from around the world, providing access to trade on financial markets using STP/NDD technology. The broker’s business model completely eliminates the conflict of interests between the company and the client.

Why NPBFX is ideal for crypto trade?

is no secret that cryptocurrency transactions have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, if you purchase cryptocurrency through some kind of online service, then in the case when the currency begins to get cheaper, you will incur losses. You earn only when your cryptocurrency is getting more expensive. Secondly, trading through crypto-rhins is associated with the risks of their sudden closing, robberies by hackers and other negative consequences of cooperation.

these problems can be easily avoided if you trade cryptocurrency through the NPBFX broker. And that’s why:

Broker offers cryptocurrency trading using a margin shoulder 1: 5. You can earn money by opening transactions not only to buy crypts, but also for sale transactions. This allows you to make a profit for any price fluctuations in the market. NPBFX is a company reliable for decades, Therefore, the risks of sudden closure or disappearance of the company are reduced almost to zero. The broker’s trading servers are located at the Equinix Ny (New York) data center, which guarantees the maximum degree of protection of all data. Each trading account of customers of the NPBFX broker is insured by the International Financial Commission (The Financial Commission for 20 thousand euros. In case of controversial issues with the company, this amount can be paid from the compensation fund of this time.

separate attention also deserve trade conditions For crypto traders. What does NPBFX offer to trade cryptocurrency?

Trade platform: MT4 (desktop version, mobile and web terminal). Trade in all types of assets, including cryptocurrency, is available from any trading account. Types of accounts: Standard Cent (Central), Master, Expert, VIP, as well as Master Chinese Yuan (in Chinese yuan). A free demo account is also proposed. The cost of trade is minimal: a spread from 0.4 pips, 0% brokerage commission. Account currency: USD, EUR, RUB, CNY. Transactions processing: Stp/NDD end -to -end technology: instantaneous Speed ​​at the best market prices. Liquidity suppliers: international banks category Tier 1, other large liquidity aggregators and ECN systems.

important advantage of the broker is the ability to replenish and withdraw funds from the trading account with cryptocurrencies: BTC and USDT, BCH, ZEC, ETH, LTC, XRP.

attention! All replenishments of the trading account, as well as the first withdrawal of funds are carried out with the 0%commission.

Favorable trade conditions, ultra -construction execution of transactions, convenient payment methods, this is far Not everything that the broker offers to his customers. We recommend that crypto traders pay attention to the analytical portal and the KeshBEK campaign – up to 60% from each transaction! ”.

Analytical portal. A unique NPBFX company’s own development platform. On the portal, the trader can always find the latest analytics in the trade in cryptocurrencies, get trading signals based on 10 technical indicators, use various useful tools for trading. Beginning traders will select a profitable for themselves A trade strategy from a base containing more than 60 vehicles with a detailed description. Keshbek. Master trading account owners can receive up to 60% from the spread (up to 7 USD for one lot) if they connect to the KeshBEK share – up to 60% from each transaction! “. Important! Cashback is completely available for withdrawal and trade.

Reviews about NPBFX

If you read the reviews of traders about the NPBFX broker, including those presented on this rating, it can be highlighted that customers most appreciate good performance, lack of technical failures and unpleasant trade situations (“studs”, torn quotes, a large expansion of spreads, etc.). In many reviews about the trade in crypto actors with NPBFX, customers write about low costs, the lack of hidden fees and commissions. Convenience is appreciated in the implementation of payment transactions in both directions, thanks to a large number of methods of input/withdrawal of funds, as well as the ability to conduct mutual settlements in cryptocurrency. General opinion: the broker displays from the account without problems, observing the framework of his regulations.

What capital is needed for crypto trade in NPBFX?

To start the trade in NPBFX, it is enough to have capital only $ 10 or euros, or 500 Russian rubles. The minimum trading lot 0.01 allows cryptocurrency trading even with such a small deposit.

Is it possible to undergo crypto -trade training in NPBFX and how much does it cost?

Any novice trader can undergo free training in the company. Customer services are electronic textbook, professional trade webinars, assistance to personal managers at all stages.

What account Open the cryptocurrency in NPBFX and how?

to open a trading account in the company NPBFX is very simple, the procedure will take only a few minutes.

Pass the registration on the official website of the NPBFX, filling out the registration form. Enter your personal account (data for the entrance will be sent to email after registration). In your personal account, open any of the types of trading accounts you are interested in. For novice traders, Standard Cent, Master accounts are perfect, and the company has an Expert account for professionals and the company VIP.

NPBFX is a reliable company for trading in cryptocurrency and other markets. Cooperation with the broker we recommend: to become a client of the NPBFX right now

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