Speculators are actively buying and selling USD

according to COT (Commitements of Traders), provided by the commercial trade in commodity futures (CFTC) – for the week that ended in the last Tuesday, large speculators (Non -Commercial) increased the clean position for the purchase of the dollar index by 1.4 thousand contracts before 36.2 thousand large speculative players are building a clean position to buy a second week in a row, and for 7 weeks out of 9 weeks of 9. A clean position has become maximum since January 25.

Hedgers (Commercial) increased the clean position on the sale of contracts for the dollar index For 2.3 thousand contracts up to 39.5 thousand. Heders-operators increase a clean position for sale also 7 weeks out of the 9th 9th. Open interest increased by 4.3 thousand contracts to 61.9 thousand. The bull -clicking index of large speculators (the ratio of the number of contracts for the purchase for sale contracts) decreased by 0.21 to 3.09 per week (due to the growth of sales).


data from COT reports for the dollar index (USDX) reflect the growth of bull moods for American currency. The traders for the second week actively increase purchases and sales that leads to an increase in a clean position on USD growth. At the same time, the pure position of large speculators has become maximum over the past 4 months. Large funds have increased purchases by 16% per week, while the volume of their long positions has become maximum since September 3, 2019. The continuation of this trend can contribute to the growth of the American currency.

at the same time, traders (especially large speculators) increased the positions of a decrease in USD, and some of them did not exclude the continuation of the correction from many years of maximums asset.

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