The dollar rate is falling. What does Jerome Powell have to do with it?

in the morning of June 23, the course of the American monetary unit falls regarding other world currencies. The reason for this is a decrease in the profitability of American government bonds to a minimum of two weeks. This becomes known, based on the analysis of last bidding. At 7:46, the European currency to the American increases to 1.0572 dollars from the value of previous bidding of $ 1.0565. At the same time, the dollar exchange rate to the monetary unit of Japan is reduced from yesterday 136.26 yen to 135.47 yen. The National States National States Index among Other monetary units of state trading partners fall by 0.08%, up to 104.11 points.

What most affected the dollar in recent days?

dollar is still influenced by the profitability of the state -owned state -owned states, the indicator of which decreased to 3.154% from a previous level of 3.156%. This is the minimum value for US Treasuries over the past few weeks. They were influenced by the fears of market players about the possibility of a recession due to a “hazel-free” policy of world central banks.

, moreover, Forex traders today evaluate the statements of Jerome Powell, who heads the Federal Reserve System of the States. During the speech before the American Congress, he said that the Central Bank sees its goal control over pricing and does everything so that the cost of primary necessity does not increase for the population, even if it can adversely affect the country’s economy. Powell also spoke about the recession. According to him, her offensive is quite realistic, but to worry in advance The fact that the tightening of the Fed’s policy will affect the growth of indicators is still not worth it.

Analysts, in turn, evaluate the speech of the head of the Federal Reserve. They say that the voiced words about the risk of recession are exhausted by American currency.

Sergei Almazov, financial analyst LBLV

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