The global market of 5G smartphones in the next 5 years will grow rapidly

Sales of 5G-supported smartphones will grow sharply in the next few years. According to strategy Analytics experts. Soon their share in total sales of mobile phones may exceed 50%. At the end of this year, this figure will be insignificant – only 1%. However, next year it will grow to 10%. Sales will increase as 5G networks are deployed. South Korea is the world leader in this direction. But China plans to beat all competitors as early as 2020. According to data from October 2018 to March 2019, Samsung's share in the 5G-enabled smartphone market was 37%. Second place goes to Huawei – 28%. In third place is Ericsson with a share of 27%. The largest growth in demand for 5G-enabled devices is seen in China, the United States, and Western European countries. Experts estimate that over 15 years, 5G technology will create 22 million jobs and increase global sales by more than $12 trillion.