The price of aluminum has reached the maximum since the end of July

The cost of aluminium has risen to its highest level since the end of July. This was facilitated by a decline in inventories and a decline in supplies from China and Indonesia. In Wednesday's trading, aluminium prices rose by 0.3%. In September, the metal rose by 4.2%. Market experts note that the rise in the price of aluminum may contribute to the recovery of its production in the last months of this year. However, there are fears of possible supply disruptions. China imposes some restrictions on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the republic. In addition, in winter, aluminum production tends to decline. According to analysts national Australia Bank, the current quarter is likely to be peak in the global commodity market. In the future, we can expect a reduction in demand. Commodity producers are under pressure from factors such as the weakening of the global economy and the worsening conflict in trade relations between the United States and China.