Top 5 successful RAMM strategies for November 2021

Today we will analyze five RAMM strategies, which showed the greatest profitability last month. The best in November was a strategy called FX MJSH 11. The manager has shown a yield of 374% for one month, opening transactions mainly by gold XAU / USD, as well as on currency pairs: EUR / CHF, EUR / CAD, EUR / USD , GBP / USD and CHF / JPY. Thus, invested in a strategy of $ 5,000 in early November, you could get in a month $

$ 23,700 excluding remuneration to the trader. Strategy status: aggressive.

Power Strategy GOLD KIYA 1 for November showed yield in 263.94%. The trader makes transactions only for gold XAU / USD. Investing in this strategy $ 2500 at the beginning of last month, you would get an income of $ 9098.5 without taking into account the trader’s remuneration.

Status Status: Aggressive.

In third place is a Galaxy strategy with a yield of 181.41%. During the month, the trader mainly opens the XAU / USD gold positions, as well as by tools: WTI, Dax30, Brent – and by currency pairs: USD / JPY, EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, CHF / JPY and CAD / JPY. Non-profit strategy Over the entire period of the creation, it is 165.63%.

Status Status: Aggressive.

Fourth place occupied a strategy called Wonder with a yield of 163.98% for November. Trader in most cases opens the XAU / USD gold position. The profitability of the strategy for all time is 394.86%.

Status Status: Conservative.

The fifth place in the ranking was taken by Marlen13 strategy. For a month, the trader earned 113.58%. The total yield of the strategy for all time is 226.45%. Trader basically commits XAU / USD Gold Transactions, less often in trading uses currency pairs: GBP / USD, USD / CAD, AUD / USD, USD / JPY and AUD / JPY.

Status Status: Aggressive.

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