Transition to a new copy-trading platform

Dear customers! We are in a hurry to inform you about the imminent closure of the RAMM copy-trading service and the transition to a more efficient and modern platform. The new Copy-Training Service from Amarkets significantly expands the capabilities of traders and investors.

Advantages for investors:

increased transparency of transactions – display of open and closed transactions as in the trader terminal. Detailed statistics – the disclosure of additional information on the trade strategy. Built -in filter in the ranking Strategies – accelerating the process of choosing suitable strategies.

Pros for traders:

Payments immediately after the completion of the transaction – no deferred payments on the commission for turnover. Description of strategies is the possibility of indicating any information about a strategy that can be valuable to investors. Private strategies – providing access to a strategy to a narrow circle of investors at the request of the trader.

What will become with investments and strategies with the RAMM platform?

Active strategies with active investments They will be transferred to the new copy-trading service on August 27, 2022. Investments “on a pause” will be closed, and the remaining funds of the client are transferred to the new service. Strategies without investors will be closed. However, you can transfer the history of the profitability of the strategy to the new service – for this you need to contact the Client Support Support with the relevant request.

more detailed answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the transition to a new copy-trading service are presented in the FAQ section. We wish Successful trading to you!

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