U.S. business doesn\’t trust Biden yet

Broker Global Alliance shares with clients and traders who are interested in profitable trading of shares of American companies, useful information on the analysis of the U.S. stock market. According to the latest data, official statistics in the US show a record low level of confidence in small businesses following the election of a new US President Biden. The trust rate is 48. It is worth noting that the second quarter of 2020 was the first time since 2017 (the year of the CNBC survey) that the number fell below 50. About 53% of small business owners believe Biden’s tax policies can have a negative impact on their cause. At the same time, 49% of respondents did not want to think that state regulations could do something good.

The US Federal Reserve has decided to increase the volume of operations on the bond market. On December 1, the Fed bought $6.02 billion in government bonds and $6.7 billion in mortgage bonds.

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