Update in RAMM Copy Trading Service

AMarkets announces the release of an update of the RAMM platform for traders, which will improve the accuracy of copying traders’ positions into investor accounts. To improve the quality of transaction copying, all new strategies in RAMM will be created with the netting position accounting system on accounts in the MetaTrader 5 platform. For current accounts in platform MetaTrader 5, the “open counter items” function will be disabled (we can change the item accounting type to netting on your current MetaTrader 5 RAMM account at your request).

Request Take this information into account in future trade.

The operating principle of the current system (hedging) and the new system (netting) can be found below:

Hedging – a system in which one financial instrument at a time can exist many items, including multi-directional (into purchase and into sale). You cannot increase the volume of an existing item. Netting is a system where one financial instrument can exist at a time only one item, multidirectional (for purchase and for sale) items are not allowed.

Thus, if you make a trade transaction for the sale of 1 item of a financial instrument if there is a item for the purchase of 1 item, the item will be liquidated.

If you have a 1 item purchase item and you are trading for 1 more item, you will receive one 2 item. In this case, the opening price is recalculated – the weighted average opening price is calculated: (Price of the first Transactions * Volume of the first transaction Price of the second transaction * Volume of the second transaction )/( Volume of the first transaction Volume of the second transaction).

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