US stock indices closed mixed

US stock indexes closed on June 17 mixedly (S&P500: +0.22%), having completed a week as a whole negatively, on fears that high inflation and tightening of financial conditions can adversely affect the economy. In anticipation of long weekends, the main indices demonstrated slight volatility, opening in the plus, but then lost to the pressure of sales. All indices established the minimums of the session at the beginning of the auction, rose during the day, and rolled away from the maximums to close.

Activity of buyers of shares on profitable Prices helped to keep the S&P 500 in a positive territory, since the market was resold on a short -term basis. Today’s modest growth was not enough to break out of the red zone at the end of the week.

The strengthening of the US dollar in relation to the largest currency did not contribute to the indicators of global companies, including Adobe. The speculators increased their clean long positions on the dollar this week, according to the US commissar for commodity futures, published on June 17. Well The euro continued to decrease to levels of about $ 1.045.

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