Webinar: Author\’s Strategy Last Kiss

We invite you on September 29 at 16:00 (Moscow) / 19:00 (Nur-Sultan) View free broadcasting of an exclusive webinar “Last Kiss: the author’s strategy is energized Urazaliyeva for independent trade.” Touget will tell about his popular worldwide, Last Kiss Strategy (Last Kiss). And also about what opportunities in front of the traders opens the Fibonacci line tool and how to use it effectively in work in the financial markets.

You will learn:

How to accurately enter the market and expose protective orders Stop Loss and Take Profit. As the effectiveness of trade and the level of potential profit affects the psychology of the trader. Why risk management or Money Management is a key element of self-trade.

Answers to these and other questions you will get in the webinar, which will hold a popular in the CIS legendary financial expert from Kazakhstan Tulegen Urazaliyev.

Do not miss this opportunity, because all participants in the webinar at the end of the broadcast will receive an exclusive bonus for a quick and efficient start. in trading and investment.

If you have questions, you can write to us on e-mail [email protected] or call by phone: +7 (727) 330-89-09; +7 (727) 311-13-20.

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