What to invest in money to sleep calmly

, after a decrease in interest rates, classic bonds and bank deposits are not so attractive anymore. The inflation leap can easily reduce the yield of these tools to zero. Currency investments are associated with specific risks, and on the Russian stock market, the volatility is high, which is comfortable not for all investors.

What should an investor who no longer want to follow a constantly changing stream of news and just needs a shelter for his capital in high inflation conditions? What tool can provide him with calmness and a strong dream?

The higher the inflation, the higher the income

the most reliable tool for investment in rubles remains OFZ, the payments for which are guaranteed by the state. If the state guarantees a return of not more than 1.4 million rubles according to deposits, then for OFZ it can be any amount. However, classic OFZ now give no more than 9%, and in the case of leap inflation, real yield can be negative.

on the Moscow Exchange there are OFZs that will allow It is guaranteed to protect capital from inflation-this is OFZ-In. The face value of these bonds is indexed by the amount of inflation with a 3-month lag, and the coupon is paid at the rate of 2.5% of the face value. Thus, with any inflation, the investor will be able to obtain profitability higher than the official level of growth of the IPC.

here are the results that the shortest release of OFZ-in 52001 in 2021-2022

in 2021. The results were excellent. In 2022, due to the 3-month lag, the profitability of release lagged behind inflation in the first months, But after stabilizing the growth rate of prices, she quickly caught up with the target level. Thus, OFZ-IN is more beneficial precisely at a long distance, since inflation jumps are not immediately reflected in the price of the face value.

But for example, a similar yield schedule, cleaned of market prices. It well reflects the effectiveness of the direct mechanism for indexing the face value.

Issue 52001 with repayment in August 2023 may not be very effective if in the first half of 2023 it will occur A new leap of inflation. In order to be more likely to protect yourself from impairment, the investor should consider longer 52002, 52003 and 52004.

all these issues are now trading cheaper than the face value, since investors sell them against the background of deflation. But deflation has a temporary effect, and the price of bonds to repay the repayment will be higher.

to get the best result, it makes sense to buy OFZ-IN for IIS to get one of two types of tax deduction: for contributions or for a financial result. Also, an OFZ-in extends a benefit of long-term ownership of securities.

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