Who is in trend, except for the oil industry. Three investment ideas in May

after a small stop in April, oil prices continued to go up, and with them the entire global fuel and energy sector. The SPDR Energy Select index adds 7% from the beginning of the month. But it is not alone growing, there are other markets in a positive trend.

Chinese Haytek

the largest funds investing in China showed an increase of 3% to 25% in a week after a record influx of funds in March. For example, Kraneshares csi China Internet, which holds a portfolio from the largest Chinese Internet companies, received more days on some days $ 300 million against the usual $ 30 million. The Chinese market began to show signs of a turn back in early spring. It is mainly about an IT sector, which is widely represented in Hong Kong. Now the Hang Seng index is 9% higher than the annual minimum. Half of March, Benchmark kept above the 20-day sliding and repeated this rise in early May.

of those Promotions of the PRC that are traded in Russia on St. Petersburg Exchange, the best dynamics from mid -March show JD.com (+37%), Alibaba (+32), Netease (+31%). Since the beginning of May, among others, Vipshop (+6%), Baidu (+3%), Li Auto (+1%) have been leading. They retain the increase, Despite the correction of the latest sessions.

from a technical point of view should first of all pay attention to 51JOB (Jobs). This is a Chinese job search service that has been holding an ascending trend since January. Paper in a plus by 25% from the beginning of the year, is traded above the 20-, 50- and 200-day sliding medium. A couple of chips that give a signal of climbing is already mentioned by JD.com and less known to the Russian investor Huaneng Power. The first (JD) is held near the levels of early January and above a 20-day sliding. The second (HNP) is growing more months, but interesting not only by this. She has a dividend now – 5.8% in dollars.

Solar Energy

The second growth point in the global market is associated with green energy. Most environmentally friendly indices are now on the rise. Over the first week of May, shares of solar and accumulative companies, manufacturers of wind generators and hydraulic turbines synchronously rose. The average growth of indices that track alternative energy has been from 1% to 10% since the beginning of the month. There is no one of them in the drawdown, although The wide market fell again: S&P 500 per week in the minus by 2%, NASDAQ Composite by more than 3%.

The strongest dynamics – in sunny companies. The Mac Global Solar Energy index has added about 5%since the beginning of May, in two weeks (the rebound began at the end of April) – by 8%. Now the benchmark is balancing near its 20-day sliding average, so that the rally can gain a foothold at any time.

among the shares of solar energy, which are in access to St. Petersburg exchange, from a technical point of view, Enphase Energy is especially attractive now. (Enp). The paper pushed away from the annual bottom in January. Since that time, it has grown by 67%, managed to go to correction and added 10%over the past week.

container transportation

third global idea for May is indirectly related to the first two. The Locks in China and the energy deficit caused not only the growth in IT and the demand for an alternative, but also led to a change in the supply algorithms. Already by tradition, container -based paper papers are actively growing on this topic.

can be seen in the growth indices of the cost of sea The freight, which in a week added an average of about 8%. In separate chips, the growth is twice as much and it reaches 16% from the beginning of May to 50% from the beginning of this year.

All three containers that are traded on the St. Petersburg Exchange show a clear rebound from the recent bottom: ZIM Integrated, Kirby and Matson. But in the best position is the first. ZIM is now above the 20- and 200-day sliding, the paper has just overcome the resistance of about $ 63.5 and it has almost 40% of growth to local peak ($ ​​90).


amid the sluggish dynamics of world indices There are entire industries and countries that can show a good rise on a short and middle horizon. In addition to the oil sector growing for several months, positive signals come from China, from the side of solar energy and container transportation. Of those chips that can be bought in Russia, five look attractive at the beginning of May. Three Chinese papers: 51job (Jobs), JD.com (JD) and Huaneng Power (HNP). They move noticeably better than the market and signal the possible continuation of the rally. Huanen energy holding is also a good dividend story – 5.8% per annum.

A powerful growing trend is observed in Enphase Energy shares (ENPH). This is an American supplier of IT solutions for solar energy systems. The Israeli ZIM Integrated looks no less curious. The company is growing after a recent rebound of 30%. Technically, almost 40%can add.

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